Question : What makes these electronics books different from other electronics



Answer : These books explain the subject matter with visual and hands-on. Each subject is

                 presented in a short paragraph with simple language. Reading these books is fun

                 and therefore learning should take place.


Question: What do I get out of these books?


Answer: In a nutshell, $ Jobs, $ Jobs, $ Jobs.

               The whole idea of investing money to go to school, buying books, and spending

               time is to become employable.

               Electronics is in demand forever and your knowledge from these books helps you to

               obtain a solid technical job in the field of electronics.



Question : Are the prices right for these books?


Answer : Yes, Your money is well spent on these books.

                You will obtain the basic solid knowledge of electronics.

                 Having these books in conjunction with going to college would help you

                 tremendously in competing with your peers and to be employed in an

                 established company.

                 These books are one of the best in the market because they help you to learn the

                 subject matter within a reasonable time period and as a result you would have a

                 better chance to compete with others in the market.