NGP Publishes Books/Manuals Based on Academics or Manufacturer Needs


New Generation Publishing (NGP)†††††††††


How can we create an environment for the students so that the learning to take place?


The answer could be a good visual manual or book to guide the student one step at a time?


Studentsí culture varies in different environments and therefore it is important to provide the right type of materials for the specific type of students.


NGP is able to tailor the subject matter to the needs of the specific types of students.


NGP has developed samples of visual and hands on electronics books as a proof to what their claims are.


Higher enrollments and retention come into place when the students have desire to learn and this happens when they feel so attached to their program of study.


A solid curriculum is the key to the studentsí success.


Visit www.electronixbooks.com to view sample pages of these books.

Email to arrange an appointment to discuss your needs for the Math and the Electronics books.


AlFassih, Publisher.


Email: Learn@NewGenerationBooks.com