1.2  SLC 502 Programmable Logic Controller (PLC) hardware.


Programmable Logic Controller (PLC):

PLC is an industrial computer that consists of


  1. Power supplies
  2. Central Processing Unit board (CPU)
  3. Input module which consists of switches or terminals
  4. Output module which consists of lights or terminals


The program to be used for PLC is called Ladder program.

In this book, Allen-Bradley SLC 500 series PLC will be explored.

Figure 1 shows a SLC 502 Programmable Logic Controller.



Figure 1.1 (Courtesy of Allen-Bradley)


The PLC in Figure 1.1 has one rack. This rack is shown in

Figure 1.2.


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1.5  How to Configure SLC 502 Programmable Logic Controller (PLC)?


To configure SLC 502 PLC, install the software from the CD, Courtesy of Rockwell Software.

After installing the software, click on “RSLogix 500 English” to run the software (Figure 1.17).



Figure 1.17


Figure 1.18 shows the Starter page when you click on

RSLogix 500 English”.



Figure 1.18 (Courtesy of Rockwell Software)


Click on “File” and “New” on the Starter page (Figure 1.19).


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